Tips For Making A Dunk Tank Fundraiser A Success

If you are hosting a fundraiser that involves a dunk tank, you likely want to make sure that you make enough money back to pay off the dunk tank rental and still make money for the organization that you are trying to support. Here are some tips for making sure that your dunk tank fundraiser is as successful as possible.

1. Get a Variety of Well-Known People

Your first step is to get a variety of well-known people to volunteer as people willing to be dunked. These don't have to be celebrities, but they should be people who are well-known in the community, because it is funnier for people to dunk people that they know and respect than to simply dunk random strangers. Contact leaders of the organization and see if they would be willing to be dunked for a good cause.

2. Encourage Fancy Dress

Another way to make the dunk tank seem interesting and exciting is to encourage the people who are going to be dunked to wear fancy clothing, rather than a bathing suit. There is something climactic about watching a person in a ball gown get dunked in water. Tell the people getting dunked to purchase fancy clothing from a thrift shop so that they don't get their own good clothing wet.

3. Make Sure the Game is the Right Amount of Difficult

Take the time before the fundraiser starts to ensure that the game is the right amount of difficult. This means that the game is not so hard that it feels impossible but not so easy that people are being dunked every time that someone plays. Have separate distance lines for adults and kids since kids usually are not able to throw as far. This will help keep the game fun and exciting and build suspense each time someone throws a ball and hits the lever.

4. Offer Consolation Prizes

Finally, be sure that you are offering consolation prizes such as candy or something else that is cheap if the person playing is not able to achieve a dunk. This will help keep the game fun even if the person who is throwing the balls doesn't necessarily win. It will also keep people coming back for more. 

For more information, talk to a company such as KO Water Games. They will have ideas from other customers as to how you can make your fundraiser successful.