Summer Learning: 3 Ways To Help Teach Children Spanish

Building up language skills is great way to help your children reach out to different cultures and learn about the world. Instead of waiting for Spanish class when school starts up, summer is a great time to teach children Spanish and expand their knowledge. Instead of going straight from a textbook, there are three fun ways to help teach Spanish during the summer. Each of these methods will teach basic concepts and different aspects of the language.

Latin Music Videos

Music is a great way to introduce repetition and memorization skills for the Spanish language. A number of Latin music videos feature Spanish language along with a mix of Spanish and English all in one. By watching videos online and listening to the same songs, children can pick up on lyrics and learn their different meanings. Children can explore all types of musical artists, including some of the top performers on the Latin Billboard charts. Along with the official music videos, children can watch lyric videos that display the words on the screen.

You can expand the fun and learning even further by doing karaoke performances of the songs. Give each child a summer challenge of picking a song and learning to perform it. By doing this, a child can watch Latin music videos, break down the song lyrics, and interpret their meanings for the performance. By end of the summer singing challenge, your child will know several Spanish phrases that they can implement into their traditional learning. A company like Vida Primo can give you more information.

Movie Audio Tracks

DVD and Blu-Ray technology has really changed the way that movies can be watched and experienced. One of the main advantages is alternative audio tracks and subtitles. A child can choose one of their favorite movies that they already know a lot of the lines to. By changing the audio track to Spanish, they can learn different phrases and words that the characters use. Turning on the English subtitles can help with the translations and grasping a basic understanding of what is being said between the characters. After a few viewings, your child can learn words and phrases said throughout the film.

Board Games & App Downloads

Add even more entertainment through learning Spanish with board games and app downloads. A number of games feature Spanish language learning as a core element of the game. These games are a great way to help interact with your child and teach core Spanish skills with them. App downloads are great for playing on a phone or tablet while driving in the car or going on a long road trip.

By enhancing these skills in the summer, your child can be prepared for learning additional Spanish in the fall.