Jazz Up Your Child's Birthday Party With These 6 Balloon Decorating Tips

Just about every kid loves brightly colored balloons, and what better time to use them than for your child's birthday party. You can purchase inexpensive latex balloons in a large package or buy the individual Mylar balloons if you wish. For adding a personal touch or decoration, latex balloons work best. Rather than recycle the same hum-drum ideas, get creative and make those balloons really pop (figuratively speaking, that is). Here are unique and creative ways to decorate with balloons:

1. Decorate Latex Balloons With Permanent Marker

Draw a silly face. Personalize your balloons with the name of each guest. Create patterns or designs. You are only limited by your imagination, but don't go it alone. Allow the birthday boy or girl to be a part of it all and create their own decorated balloons.

2. Create a Glowing Sensation

Before your balloons are inflated, place some LED lights inside. Alternatively, you may use glow sticks. Now you'll really light up your child's party. You can tie these to chairs, tape to a wall or use them as card holders. If you're having a backyard pool party, float these glowing balloon decorations in the pool for a festive look.

3. Grab Some Confetti

Head out to the party supply store and buy some bags of colorful confetti. Place a handful inside each balloon before inflating them. If you have leftover confetti, try gluing them to the outside of the balloon. It's colorful and easy.

4. Create Some Balloon Cones

Ice cream themed decor is ideal for a child's birthday party. Why not turn your balloons into cute ice cream cone decorations? Use construction paper for creating the "cone" shape, then place the inflated balloon inside the "cone." Now tie the creation to a chair or tape it to a wall.

5. Float Some Helium Balloons (Inside and Out)

Whether you choose the latex style or Mylar balloons, have the store inflate them with helium. Simply let them loose and watch them cling to the ceiling. Save a few by tying them down and allow the young kids to release them. Little ones get a kick out of watching them soar, so for added fun, let them release the balloons outdoors.

6. Dress Up Your Balloons

Fit your balloons with party hats. Make the hats yourself from colorful construction paper or glue a kids' party hat to each balloon. You might even glue a tiny felt "bow tie" underneath for a more festive look.