How To Prevent Alcohol From Ruining Your Next Team-Building Outing

Team-building activities foster workplace cohesiveness and boost productivity. Unfortunately, intoxicated employees can create ugly scenes that may ruin your team-building plans or even lead to injuries. If you are planning a team-building outing, use these precautions to prevent alcohol from ruining your company event:

Don't Make Alcohol the Main Focus

If alcohol is going to be served, try not to make it the main focus of your outing. Rather, drinking should be just one of the activities during the outing. For example, avoid alcohol-themed team-building activities, such as pub-crawl treasure hunts or cocktail competitions. Such activities will only encourage your employees to drink more, which increase the risk of alcohol-related injuries.

Don't Offer Free Drinks

There is something about the offer of free liquor that makes even those who would normally control themselves lose control. Therefore, offer other things, such as food and nonalcoholic drinks, but not liquor. Alternatively, you can restrict the number of free drinks available to each employee, for example, to two.

Choose the Drinks Wisely

If drinking is part of your company's tradition, and you don't want to change it, then you should focus on the types of drinks you will avail for the occasion. Opt for drinks with low alcoholic content. As a rule, hard liquor tends to be more intoxicating than wine or beer. Even the cocktails should be mixed such that their alcohol content doesn't lead to fast intoxication.

Serve Foods That Slow Down Alcohol Absorption

An empty stomach accelerates the rate of alcohol absorption. Foods slow down the rate of alcohol absorption, with some foods better at it than others. For example, protein-rich foods, such as cheese and tofu, slow down the absorption process better than carbohydrates

Monitor Employees Behavior

Finally, it's good to have a dedicated person whose sole duty is to monitor the employees. This person should not take alcohol so that they can remain clear headed enough for their duties. The ideal person should have professional experience in monitoring intoxicated persons; a bouncer or server makes a perfect fit. The person should monitor how much people drink, how they interact with others and whether they engage in dangerous activities. That way, those who are too drunk or disorderly will be prevented from creating mischief, for example, by hailing cabs and sending them home.

It's clear from the above discussions that your next team-building activities should be professionally managed. Outsource the management to a company that specializes in such events if you don't have the right in-house staff for it. To learn more about team building, contact a company like Houdini’s Room Escape